Personal Car Loan

A Personal Car Loan is also known as a Unsecured Car Loan.  This type of loan does not use the car as security against the loan.  Therefore there is more risk to the lender and hence the interest rates are slightly higher than that of a consumer car loan.

There are a number of reasons that you will to use a personal car loan as opposed to a secured car loan.

Some lenders will not use an older car as security.  A Personal Car Loan may be the only option available to you when purchasing a vehicle over certain age limits.  The other instance

Personal Car Loan Terms

A Personal Car Loan is a simple agreement between you and the lender.

  • Interest rates are usually fixed.
  • Car loan terms of up to 7 years are available.
  • Additional repayments can be made.
  • You can payout your personal car loan at any time.

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Personal Car Loan

Personal Car Loan Calculator

Use our personal car loan calculator to estimate your repayments.  You will need to determine the finance amount, loan term in years and an approximate interest rate.  Your interest rate will be based on your credit history.  Our car loan calculator will let you gauge your fortnightly or monthly repayments so you can budget for your personal car loan.

Car Insurance

AAA Finance and Insurance provides a range of car insurance solutions to protect your asset and your car finance.  Comprehensive car insurance is a requirement of all car loans.  Tyre and rim insurance and extended warranties.  Protect your credit rating with gap or shortfall insurance and/or loan protection insurance.

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